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Successful re-certification ISO 9001:2015

Since 2011 the quality management system of Boekestijn Transport is certified for the ISO 9001 norm. In 2015 a new version of the norm was released and companies need to be recertified before 2018.

Since the end of 2016 the quality management system (QMS) of Boekestijn Transport has been transformed to the requirements of the new norm and on the 17th of March an external company auditted the structure of the new QMS. According to the auditor the transformed QMS's structure meets the norms of the new requirements and he gave his approval for a re-certification audit

On the 10th and 11th of april the re-certification audit was performed. During these two days the auditor visited several colleagues and asked questions about our way of working.  At the end of the second day the final conclusion of the auditor was: Boekestijn Transport QMS meet the requirements and guarantees a structured way of producing a service of high quality.