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The full story of Sjef Boekestijn’ incognito adventure as Branko Ristovski.

Jul 2021
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Advantages of LTL and FTL

When it comes to choosing the way to ship goods to customers, we offer LTL (less than full truckload) or FTL (full truckload)

May 2021
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1.000.000 activities in the last 3 years

In March 2018 we launched our own trucking management system, in collaboration with “Code Yellow”. Today we’ve reached our millionth activity. Each activity means another truck reached its destination.

Apr 2021
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Medal of Honor for our contribution to the Polish Transport Market

“The New Year Conference on Transport and Logistics Poland was the setting for the award handover: “For the benefit of Polish transport”.

Feb 2021
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Acquisition of V&R Express Poland

V&R Express are a Polish trucking company, focusing on subcontracting throughout Europe.

Dec 2020
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A new office for Poland

To facilitate our growing organization, we have opened new offices in Poznan due to demand in our expanding business.

Sep 2020
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