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Truck fleet increased to over 350 trucks!

Boekestijn Transport Service is finishing an investment program this month by welcoming the last of 50 new trucks to their fleet. Between

Compensating CO2 emissions

Boekestijn Transport Service is active in many different ways to compensate or reduce the CO2 emissions. Several programs have been in

250th daf keyhandover

On September 28, 2018, DAF delivered the 250th DAF from 1994 to now, which complements our fleet to a total number of 335 trucks. ESA has,

GDP certification; a logical continuation for Boekestijn Transport Service

Boekestijn Transport Service has been working since its inauguration in 1994, on improving the operating standards for the transportation

300+ trucks driving!

While continuously finding opportunities to exceed the expectations, a great asset is having an increasing fleet. The fleet of trucks just

First TAPA-TSR 2017 certification for Boekestijn Transport.

Boekestijn Transport is the first company in Europe which is TAPA-TSR-1 2017 certified. Boekestijn Transport is specialized in High Value

Boekestijn transport Summer collection

Maybe you've already seen them driving, the brand new summer collection of trailers. 5 new Fashion-GDP certified-Electronically

Successful re-certification ISO 9001:2015

Since 2011 the quality management system of Boekestijn Transport is certified for the ISO 9001 norm. In 2015 a new version of the norm was

Boekestijn Brest Belarus

To strengthen their Russia specialization Boekestijn Transport opened an office in Belarus this year .Formerly and sometimes known as

One of the best Dutch-Polish companies

Boekestijn receives recognition from ministers, Boekestijn Transport Service made it – after a pre-selection – till the final

250 trucks on the road

250 trucks on the road for Boekestijn Transport Yesterday, Thursday 27 October 2016, Boekestijn Transport has 250 trucks on the road. In

Boekestijn expands Intermodal fleet by 100%

Boekestijn expands Intermodal fleet by 100% Over the years Boekestijn Transport has grown into a big player in the intermodal market,