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Driver care



At the start of 2020, we have installed our wall of fame for drivers in all our locations around Europe. The best driver, with an extra-ordinary performance that month will be titled: Driver of the Month. The drivers of the month are recognized with specially branded merchandise and their place on the walls around Europe and on social media.


The idea box

The driver of the month campaign is one of the things that came out of our ‘idea box’. All employees can make use of the idea box to give input on different subjects and internal campaigns.


Integrating 3rd party apps

In 2019 one of the ideas was to install a wider range of apps on our board computers. To try to improve the social life of drivers while being at work, we are now running pilots to make use of Skype and Netflix during breaks. In this way, our drivers can make video-contact with their families.


Maximizing comfort

The driver of the month campaign and the additional apps are nice additions to other ideas our drivers came up with, like maximum dimension cabins for drivers driving together in 1 truck and stand air conditioners.


Driving contests

Another input was to encourage environmental saving programs among our drivers. Making use of the latest software on our board computers it is possible to see who has the highest eco-driving score. Last year, one of our drivers won a contest for the highest eco-driving score and went with his wife on an all-inclusive cruise around the canary islands.