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What does quality mean in the world of transport?

We have at your disposal a team of the most experienced people, who have gone through extensive training in Boekestijn Transport and they are always on hand. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


Leave it to us.

We have invested in the latest communication tools, thanks to which our entire fleet and drivers are in continuous contact with our Control Center, for the perfect outcome of all your transport needs. Boekestijn Transport Service promises the highest level of service. Leave it to us to look after all your transportation needs, so you are free to grow your own business. Having a huge fleet of our own trucks with our own team of drivers distinguishes us from other transportation companies and freight agents.


Everything in-house

The high standard of services provided by us is made possible because Boekestijn Transport Service takes care of everything with our own staff and equipment and we strictly adhere to our guidelines and quality awards. These certificates include the AEO certificate, TAPA certificate, GDP certificate, and the ISO 9001 certificate.


Honesty and trust, the first priorities

Since the establishment in 1994, we've always been honest towards our customers. As we've said before, we're 24/7 365 available for all your questions. Even in the unlikely situation that it does not go not as planned, we inform you directly. Communication and honesty, the true quality in the world of logistics.


What certificates are important?

A company can call itself an in control organization with a focus on quality if they're in possession of the ISO 9001 certificate. For us, it doesn't stop there. For the safety of our drivers and your freight, we are TAPA-TSR certified at the highest level. For our in-house customs agency and to expedite border controls, we are AEO certified. To ensure pharmaceutical customers’ expectations and to be sure all the temperature-sensitive loads are transported with 100% monitoring and according to all latest regulations, we are GDP GDP certified.


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Want to learn more about these certificates? 


*ISO:9001 - standards of the ISO institute that determine how an organization can guarantee its quality.



*TAPA-TSR - A certificate that determines that you work with the standard Truck Security Requirements written by the Transported Asset Protection Association.



*AEO - The Authorized Economic Operator certificate is issued by Customs. It offers advantages in international transport, for example, they are less strictly controlled in cross-border trade, which removes delays at borders.



*GDP - A Good Distribution Practice certificate proofs that your organization values quality in every aspect of your service and that it is important for you to be an essential part of the health care production chain.


 +31 485 45 49 00

Or  visit  our  contact  page.