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Administration and ISO

The administration is an often underestimated and ignored area in a business. Boekestijn Transport Service’s administration department is capable however, of providing you ad hoc with information whether this is a day old invoice or a delivery note from years ago. They know exactly who did what, when and where. You’ll get no excuses from us like ‘oh, that’s in our archive somewhere in the attic.’ In short here it is also true to say: service is our motto.

The customer is always the first priority.

This department makes sure that you have as little inconvenience as possible from administrative affairs. Any form of connection to your own systems is negotiable. For instance a connection between the transport management systems or sending you a credit note instead of you receiving a debit invoice from us. We try to integrate each system as well as possible with that of the customer.

Since 2004 we are ISO certification and this applies to the whole organization. Standard: ISO 9001:2008 / International (un)conditioned goods transport by road. Workshop for our own trucks and for third parties. Storage and/or transshipment. 

Anyone can come to us with a complaint, a compliment, criticism or remarks. Our motto is that we must learn from our shortcomings.

Do you have any questions about this? Let us know. Boekestijn Transport Service would gladly demonstrate how they meet the standards for transport of hazardous substances or transport under HACCP/GDP guidelines.