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Tracking and Tracing

Each of our trucks is equipped with a communication system. This real time system enables Boekestijn Transport Service to locate each truck, wherever it may be in Europe, Africa or Asia.

Because of this, we always know where your load is. Communication between the driver and the Control Center uses the same system. In this way, the risk of wrong addresses is lower and we always have a history of the communication.

Boekestijn Transport Service has always been at the forefront when it comes to integrating new systems. As long ago as 1994, our trucks were equipped with onboard satellite computer systems. In 2007 we were one of the first companies to install scanners in our trucks, making it possible for customers to receive CMR’s directly. In 2013 the first mobile onboard computers were installed enabling other applications to be installed. In this way, Boekestijn’s trucks are compatible with all our customers’ systems.

The driver’s card data can also be sent digitally, so Boekestijn Transport Service has all the tachograph data available for control. This allows us to always send the right instructions to our drivers when appropriate.

With regard to high value cargo and temperature controlled cargo, it is possible to expand the system so that it can be connected, on request, to external service providers. They can then monitor the various systems themselves. In the event of an escalation the correct procedure can then be executed.

If desired, you, the customer, can receive codes in order to log in and follow your load and our truck from any computer with an internet connection. Just ask us about the possibilities. We are only too glad to help.