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Intermodal Solutions


In 2015, Boekestijn Transport Service initiated an intermodal solution for containers from England and The Netherlands to Poland. For this we collaborate with partners who provide the transportation by sea or by rail. The main benefits of this approach are a CO2 reduction (up to 70%) and cost savings of about 35% compared with road transport.

The containers are unloaded by our own staff, once they arrive in Poland. Using our own fleet means Boekestijn Transport Service can offer greater flexibility for all possible requests.

In order to meet the various requirements, Huckepack trailers are also deployed. These are trailers that can be placed in their entirety on a railcar. This enables us to combine Pharma, High Value and Fashion transport with the intermodal solution.

Boekestijn Transport Service uses not only the universal 20ft, 40ft and 45ft chassis but tank containers are also transported. The preference is for 45ft containers in order to avoid loss of load capacity compared with trailer transport. All chauffeurs and trucks used is supplied with all necessary ADR requirements and certificates.

  • No lead time loss, load on day A, unload on day C.
  • No load capacity loss through use of 45ft containers.
  • Investment in the environment, with a CO2 reduction of up to 70%.
  • Proven cost savings of up to 35% compared with road transport.

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