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Trucking service



Boekestijn Transport has been expanding their trailer trucking service for the past 15 years. Our goal is to be an independent haulier for our clients, also allowing us to maximize our ever expanding fleet, a win-win for both parties involved.


Communication is key

Continuous communication between the driver and the Control Center. In this way, the risk of wrong addresses is lower and we always have a history of communication.


Swap body transport

are also involved in swap body transport, moving BDF’s to various destinations, reducing stopping times by 50%.


Own drivers academy

Due to a major shortage of qualified drivers over the last few years, we have invested in our own in-house Drivers Academy. This way we can guarantee a consistent, high class service to our clients. Once a driver has passed his/her examinations they work alongside our experienced drivers in order to gain practical, as well as theoretical experience.


Liquid bulk transport

One of our newest investments is in the field of Liquid Pharma Transportation. As a proud GDP certified company, we have been involved in the transportation of pharmaceuticals for over 25years. Originally starting with simple curtain sider trailers, evolving to box vans and then later to temperature controlled vehicles. Our ever evolving Pharmaceutical Transportation Portfolio has now brought us into the area of Liquid Pharma logistics. We have partnered up with our clients in order to meet their individual needs and give them a more trailer-made transportation solution.


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