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1994 - The very beginning

In 1994, the first computer was bought. once plugged in, the very first network of Boekestijn Transport was online. With one driver and one dispatcher, every transport was arranged from an old bedroom that was rebuilt to the very first office.


1995 - Expanding with 3 trucks and trailers

Expanding with 3 trucks and trailers
More work comes in and it's clear that one truck is not enough. In the picture, you see Arno, Hermien, and Peter Boekestijn shaking hands with the DAF to close a deal on three trucks and trailers. Work in east Europe becomes a daily activity and plans are being made to expand with another 5 trucks.


1996 - 1997 - 1998 - A new office in Mill

Extra trucks were being bought for the uprising work in east Europe. But the biggest improvement these years was that Boekestijn Transport moved to a new location. a bigger office with extra workspaces. more dispatchers were being hired. from this day Boekestijn Transport was settled in Mill, the Netherlands. With an own truck and trailer service and a warehouse, Boekestijn Transport tried to do all work in-house. mechanics and warehouse operators joined our team.


1999 - 2000 - Turn of the century

An exciting moment for a lot of companies. A turn of a century. what is gonna change? will the software systems still work in 2000? Are the governments starting to use new laws in the world of road transport? Luckily everything continued working on the 1st of January. To celebrate this, Boekestijn Transport invested in 2 extra trucks at the start of the new century.


2003 - A year in racing pase

This year Boekestijn Transport was becoming a well-known transporter in Europe. The Ferrari formula one team called us. They asked if we can transport the special Shell fuel to the circuits throughout Europe. But unfortunately, after one year they decided it was too expensive to transport the fuel around Europe and they decided to get the fuel from local factories. 


2004 - ISO:9001 achieved, Poland joins the EU

The ISO certification was achieved. Quality and High level of service our motto then, and is still today our biggest concern. Poland becomes part of the EU, a big moment in the world of transport. No more waiting time at the borders of Poland. The work in Poland and other eastern Europe countries is growing.


2005 - Boekestijn Trucking service

More and more trucks are starting to drive for 3rd party, the open borders are giving a huge impulse on in the transport market. Since then we are active in the trucking of trailers. With the goal to act as a neutral transporter towards the customer. Making the best possible use of the capabilities within our fleet. A clear win-win situation for both parties. From here Boekestijn Transport made plans to increase the fleet with at least 200% in the next 5 years.


2006 - First website and new Euro 5 trucks

The introduction of the new EURO-5 trucks gives us different options. We are putting a request out for 30 trucks. When we got 2 very good offers we decided to take them both. Boekestijn makes a huge jump forward with 60 EURO 5 trucks. The first Boekestijn Transport site goes live, with the slogan ‘’ we treat our customers the way we want to be treated ourselves’’. The phones are continuously ringing! Besides that our trucking clients would get their own customer care. This became a new department in Boekestijn Transport.


2007 - Boekestijn Fashion Logistics

Since 1994 Boekestijn was driving for the client ‘R&W Fashion transport’. They knocked on our door this year. They didn’t have any successors. We agreed to take over R&W Fashion transport and Boekestijn Fashion Logistics becomes an entity in May. Our press release had the following message ‘the continuity of transport for our clients is the basis for your future.’ In December we celebrate our 12.5th year’s anniversary with 75 trucks on the road!


2008 - The crisis

The year 2008 had a thrilling beginning for all transport companies with the collapse of Lehman Brothers and the start of the economic crisis. the world of transport faced a big setback. More and more trucks were standing still this year. Boekestijn had to make a decision, going to invest further against all expectations? or hold back and start selling activities and trucks. 


2009 - New subsidiary in Macedonia

In January 2009 Boekestijn was driving with 90 trucks, but 25% of them were standing still because of the crisis. Boekestijn chooses to invest instead of holding back. Took over their colleague ‘Interlog’ to gain new clients. Also, a new establishment was opened to get more clients for Boekestijn Fashion Logistics in the hearth of Macedonia. 


2010 - 100 Trucks and own driver schooling

In this year Boekestijn Transport celebrated that there were 100 Boekestijn trucks on the road. more trucks were being bought but not enough drivers could be found to man al the new trucks. A subsidiary in Moldova was opened where we started the Boekestijn Driver Schooling. All the driver schooling, training, and recruitment are now done internally from this location.


2011 - First company to drive with alcolocks

The Alcolock obligates the driver to take a breath test before the engine can be started. This feature consists of the main unit mounted in the dashboard and a handset connected to the dashboard unit via a cable. "We have never had to deal with drivers who had been drinking, but prevention is better than cure. With these safety features, we make the world of logistics safer, prevent damage and also protect other road users. And of course, we think you should take good care of your employees.



2012 - First TAPA-TSR1 certification in the Netherlands

This year Boekestijn Transport has grow to a total of 140 trucks. 

March 23th, Boekestijn was the first company in the Netherlands to get the TAPA-TSR1 certification and the third company in Europe. Since then we are number 1 in high value and secured transport.


2013 - First mobile onboard computers

The first mobile onboard computers were installed enabling other applications to be installed. In this way, Boekestijn’s trucks are compatible with all our customers’ systems. The driver’s card data can also be sent digitally, so Boekestijn Transport Service has all the tachograph data available for control. This allows us to always send the right instructions to our drivers when appropriate. With regard to high-value cargo and temperature-controlled cargo, it is possible to expand the system so that it can be connected, on request, to external service providers. They can then monitor the various systems themselves. In the event of an escalation, the correct procedure can then be executed.


2014 - Starting intermodal solutions

Boekestijn Transport Service provides a new solution, together with our partner ERS Railways providing rail transport from Rotterdam to Poznan. The container arrives via Deep/Short Sea shipping in Rotterdam or the pre-carriage is done from the Netherlands to Rotterdam by a transport partner in the Netherlands. Subsequently, ERS Railways takes care of transport by rail. Once arrived in Poland, we take care of the on-carriage with our own drivers. The important side-effect is the emission of CO2. There is proof that a load from the Netherlands to Poland in the intermodal option has caused up to 70% less CO2 emission compared to road transport! However, the costs of transport will in most cases be decisive. Recent cargo flows have shown that the transport price can be reduced by up to 25%!


2015 - Opening of Gadki

Our subsidiary in Poland now established for 15 years. For the 6th time, we move our office. This time we move to Gadki. In the logistic heart of Poznan. A big party was thrown. Also this year we celebrate that our fleet number increased over 200 trucks.


2016 - The year of the milestones

This was the year of milestones. Our fleet number just got to 250 trucks, the number of employees has grown over 500 people and this year we drove our 100.000.000st kilometer! Old expectations report from the late 90's say: Our future for 2016 will be to have at least 3 offices in Europe, that there will be 250 trucks and we have driven at least 99.999.999KMs.


2017 - One year, three openings!

There are plans to expand the office in Mill. The growth continues, by the end of the year we reach a total of 300 trucks.

The subsidiary in Oberhausen is opened, with almost 50 parking slots for trucks and trailers it becomes a new home base for the drivers. With all the contacts we have we try to get the correct permits. This process takes more than a year.

Even surpassing our own expectations we succeeded in opening a subsidiary in Belarus and Ireland within a couple of weeks of each other.


2018 - Expanding the homebase

The construction in Mill has started! In November we moved in the newly renovated office. We get different invitations to speak at the Lean & Green intermodal, top sector logistics, the University of Poznan and the TAPA conferences to show that we have grown into a renowned company in the logistics sector


2020 - A year with a couple of milestones,

despite the worldwide setbacks in the world of logistics due to the COVID-19 disease. We've started the construction of our new office in Poland, which should be fully operated by the summer of 2021. One of the reasons for building a bigger office was because our number of employees are exceedingly growing for the past years. Now, in 2020 we can proudly announce that we have over 1.000 employees in the Boekestijn family. together with this news we also have our 500th truck driving on the European roads. We're proud to say that without our whole team, none of this would have been possible.