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Transport United Kingdom (England)

Boekestijn Transport Service is specialized in the transport of high value and theft targeted goods. A much sought after service in England. Since focusing on this service, we can be regularly found in the England. While this is mainly with FTL high value goods, groupage and LTL are also possible.

England can of course only be reached by water. It is up to you whether your load is transported via the Euro tunnel or by ferry. Once at the other side, we not only transport to England but also to the rest of Great Britain, such as Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Boekestijn Transport Service is not just the right choice for transport from The Netherlands to England and from England to The Netherlands. It is also possible to transport goods from England to all other destinations, like France or Germany.

Do have a transport assignment for the UK? Or do you have any other special requests such as an express delivery or a high value transport to or from the UK? Just contact us.