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Eerste Industrieweg 28,
5451GV, Mill
the Netherlands.

+31 485 454 900

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Eerste Industrieweg 28
Postadres: Postbus 75
5451 GV, Mill

Phone Number

+31 485 45 49 00


UI. Stachowska 8

Phone Number

+48 61 293 60 33


Kirchhellener Str. 142

Phone Number

+49 20 862 565 777


Digital Office Centre Dublin Airport
Co. Dublin K67E5AO
Balheary Demesne, Balheary Road

Phone Number

Tina Fleming: 00353871418300
Lisa Meagher: 00353871402505


ul. Kommercheskaya 17

Phone Number

+375 162 257124


Chisinau, LiviuDeleanu 13, MD- 2071

Phone Number

+373 22 815827


Jastre Zdravkocski 9

Phone Number

+389 42 218 810

Questions? We have your answers.

How do you transport High Value Loads?

All high value loads are transported under strict internal policies. It is standard working practice to have panic buttons, electro locking systems on our trailers, motion sensors, acoustic alarms, predefined routing and in-house 24/7 monitoring.

Can I transport commodities at different temperatures in the one truck?

Multi Temperature means that you can divide your loading space into several temperature compartments with a different temperature range in each part - For example: The first half of the trailer is set up for 2-8 degrees, we put a wall in between, so the other half can be set up for 15-25 degrees

Are all your drivers ADR Trained?

Yes, our drivers follow annual ADR training and our entire fleet is also equipped with the latest up-to-date ADR equipment

Is Boekestijn Transport Multilingual?

Boekestijn control tower is in operation 24/7 and is located in Poznan PL. The main language we use is English but our colleagues can speak various languages such as FR, DE, ESP, RU,UA.

How do you implement GDP training?

Office employees as well as our drivers are obliged to have GDP training annually. This falls under the control of our Boekestijn Quality department and we use a Learning Management System.

Do you provide Double Teams?

We operate Double Teams in order to make our transit time shorter and to ensure the highest security standards. If the drivers need to take a break, approved secure parking is used.