Discover our approach to ensuring top-notch proficiency in delivering our services & learn more about how we pioneer excellence.


At Boekestijn, we leverage advanced technologies developed in-house to enhance growth and flexibility across every aspect of our company. These tailored innovations keep us at the forefront of industry advancements, ensuring optimal performance in all areas.


Discover our inventive internal solutions - from streamlining operations, to providing the newest tech on the market, we ensure elevated performance for all our employees.

Workflow optimization with dedicated Mobile App (Tara) for our drivers

Maximizing efficiency & minimize emissions with AI based route calculation & fuel monitoring

Advanced reporting & Data-Driven decision making


Experience seamless service with swift integrations, personalized data access, and intelligent improvement suggestions—accelerating your business toward efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Lightning fast integrations across many systems.

Personalized portal for live updates, milestone timestamps and documents archive

Performance reporting & improvement suggestions


At Boekestijn we use state of the art technology, created by and for us to maximize growth in every possible branch of the company.

continuously having

Besides our journey towards zero emission, we strive to be the partner of choice in your zero emission journey. Offering both technical solutions, advisory and emission data insights .

Focused on the environment

Our mission is to minimize our impact, to be among the frontrunners in the adoption of alternative fuels and drivelines and be provide consistent and accurate data on our footprint and on the progress.

Including employees, stakeholders & customers in the conversation about Climate Change

Actively decreasing our carbon footprint by focusing on saving fuel & zero emission technology

Creating a biocentric future by focusing on areas we can impact.


We make sure everyone feels included as we grow in a sustainable way. We value having a team with different kinds of people and believe it makes our company stronger. We give everyone equal chances to work and grow with us.

Equality and Diversity in the Workplace

Development and Training

Sustainable Business Practices


TAPA TSR-1 Certificate

The TAPA TSR-1 Certificate signifies our commitment to supply chain security excellence. As proud members of TAPA, we adhere to the highest security  standards, ensuring the utmost protection for your cargo.

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ISO 9001 Certification

The ISO 9001 Certification showcases our steadfast commitment to quality management. Committed to continuous improvement, we align with global standards, delivering top-notch services that consistently meet and exceed your expectations.

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Good Distribution Practice

The GDP Certification exemplifies our dedicated adherence to Good Distribution Practices. We prioritize product integrity throughout storage, transportation, and distribution, emphasizing compliance and safety in your supply chain.

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AEO Certification

The AEO Certification underscores our commitment to secure and efficient international trade. Aligned with AEO standards, we prioritize customs compliance, ensuring smooth, expedited, and reliable movement of goods across borders for our clients.

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Great Place to Work

A "Great Place to Work" embodies an organization where employees feel valued, respected, and engaged in their work environment. It's characterized by a culture of trust, fairness, and collaboration, where individuals are empowered to contribute their best efforts and ideas.

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Diversity Certificate

The Diversity Certificate is a written commitment which is signed by organizations that oblige themselves to the introduction of equal treatment policy and diversity management, as well as active prevention of discrimination and mobbing in the workplace.

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